Tower View Rabbitry

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Thrianta Nationals 2014

Greensboro, North Carolina
Judged by Allen Mesick
"The Hottest Show in Town!"
March 22, 2014

Best of Breed Youth with Tower View Rabbitry's Arty

My Top Placing Thriantas:

Senior Bucks
Arty: 1st out of 26
Maraschino: 2nd out of 26
Jacob: 3rd out of 26

Senior Does
Taylor: 2nd out of 27

Junior Bucks
Declan: 3rd out of 9

Best Display for youth with 371 points!

The Youth Breeders at Nationals


National Thrianta Specialty Show
Greensboro, North Carolina
Judged by Carrol Hooks
March 23, 2014

Best Opposite with Tower View Rabbitry's Arty

My Top Placing Thriantas in Specialty:

Sr Bucks
Arty: 1st out of 26
Maraschino: 4th out of 26

Sr Does
Taylor: 4th out of 28

My Experience at “The Hottest Show in Town!”

By Angela Penterman

       Hello everyone! This article is about my amazing experience at Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina. I traveled to Nationals with the Breitenfeldt family overnight and it took 18 hours to get there. We helped set up the coops since we got there early. Friday night was a lot of fun talking to the people I only get to talk to once or twice a year. The judge for Nationals was Allen Mesick, and it was really cool for him to judge my rabbits because he is my favorite rabbit judge. The first class shown was the senior bucks of which I had three. There were a total of twenty-six senior bucks. My bucks received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! This was such a big honor to take the top three spots! Next came the senior does, and I had four out of the twenty-seven shown. I had one place in the top five. One of my does took 2nd place! I showed my two junior bucks, and one of them got 3rd place out of eight! Finally, the judge chose the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Thriantas. After looking over the four rabbits for a few minutes, Allen chose my home bred and raised senior buck Arty as the Best of Breed! This was the happiest moment of my life! Congratulations to Brontee Anderson for winning Best Opposite with her senior doe! The fur class was judged after Best of Breed, and I had two rabbits entered. They took 4th and 5th place out of thirty! After the youth show, the open rabbits were judged. I was asked to write remarks for the open show. This is where most of my education came in from the trip. I had a ton of fun writing for Allen because he made it educational and fun (and made fun of my Wisconsin accent!) That weekend I also showed in shows B, C, and D and they were all successful! The evening of nationals was the Thrianta banquet. We took a Thrianta quiz for door prizes and I got an apron for my prize. We also got to see the new ATRBA logo for the first time and I love it! I also received all of my awards from the National show. I received five awards for top placing rabbits and a Best of Breed award. The awards were very cool and fit well with the theme. I was very happy to find out that I won best Display for the national show! I earned 371 points at nationals! The next day was the National Specialty show, and my same Thrianta won Best Opposite! I would like to thank the club for putting on a fantastic national show that was definitely worth going to. Winning Best of Breed at nationals is my biggest accomplishment yet and a memory that I will never forget. I hope that you all are able to make the trip to Jefferson, Wisconsin next year for the 2015 Thrianta Nationals!

Look for this article in the next ATRBA Newsletter!