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Kaukauna, Wisconsin

The "Fleet Farm" Rabbit

My Thrianta Jacob was filmed in a Fleet Farm Commercial!

Hello! My name is Angela, and I raise Thriantas in my rabbitry. Thriantas are known as the "Fire of the Fancy" because of their fiery red coat which is very eye catching. I can remember when I got my first Standard of Perfection and I looked through the different breeds of rabbits, I fell in love with Thriantas because of that color. Thriantas are a compact breed and weigh between 4 to 6 pounds. They are lovable and sweet rabbits if time is spent with them. They make great pets as well as show rabbits.

I have gotten to attend two ARBA Conventions. I showed Thriantas at both. My first my rabbit Jacob won Best Senior Buck as well as Best Opposite of Breed! My senior doe Dixie won Best Senior Doe. This past Convention, I had two of my senior bucks place in the top two (2nd and 4th place) and my junior doe Lola took Best Junior Doe. I am very excited to continue showing my Thraintas around the state and country.

My most exciting showing moment was when my home bred and raised Thrianta won Best of Breed at Thrianta Nationals in 2014! To read more about Nationals, click on the Thrianta Nationals 2014 tab.

If you have any questions about Thriantas or if you are interested in buying your own rabbit, don't be afraid to talk to me!

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